• About Lebel

    Lebel is an online and a local retailer specializing in certified pre-owned high-end bikes. We, as Lebel, buy, sell and take trade-ins of used bikes both online and in our headquarters in Orange County, California.

    We work with premium bike brands such as Trek, Giant, Cannondale, Orbea, Santa Cruz and much more. We mainly offer road bikes, MTBs, electric bikes, triathlon bikes, and gravel bikes.

    Lebel is a certifying authority for used high-end bikes that are listed on this website. We use of the term 'certified pre-owned' to underline that our bikes undergo multi-point inspection, service, and quality assurance before they are are listed for sale. We make sure our customers get reliable bikes in excellent condition.

    Lebel, the brand formerly known as Rebel Bicycle, was founded in 2019 in Irvine, California. We aim to become an industry leader in the used bicycles market by providing a seamless experience of buying, selling, and upgrading bicycles for our customers.

  • Our vision

    Our vision is to grow into the largest certified pre-owned bike trading company in Southern California, and later expand to the entire US market.

    We're redefining the bike buying experience by offering transparent and efficient valuations from our team of bicycle experts.

  • What we stand for

  • L - Leadership:

    We strive to become the leaders within the certified pre-owned bike market.

  • E - Energy:

    We inspire cyclists to embrace active lifestyles in the pursuit of health and overall well-being.

  • B - Benchmark:

    We establish industry-leading standards, setting the competitive benchmark for quality.

  • E - Environmental Responsibility:

    We promote waste reduction and the responsible use of natural resources by offering pre-owned bikes.

  • L - Loyalty:

    We value our customers and partners, delivering personalized service to build trust.

  • With over a decade of cycling passion, we at LEBEL discovered the hidden costs and challenges in the bike trade. Our journey as bike enthusiasts often led us to swap old bikes for new ones, revealing a significant financial drain. Buying pre-owned bikes brought us face-to-face with unreliable sellers and misleading ads.

    This reality inspired us to create a service for buying and selling used bicycles that guarantees quality, legal integrity, honest pricing, and unmatched expertise. In 2019, we began diving deeper into market nuances and enhancing our expertise, gradually making our first purchases and sales in Southern California.

    In 2023, Rebel Bicycle (bicyclesca.com) rebranded to Lebel.

Who Founded Lebel?

Almir Zaripov

Founder & CEO at LebelBicycles.com

Almir Zaripov, the founder and CEO of LebelBicycles.com is the driving force behind Lebel. Almir is a professional cyclist with over 10 years of experience. During his career, he has been constantly improving and upgrading his bike collection which led to lots of purchasing, selling, and repairing. This experience helped him gain significant knowledge of premium used bicycles. Almir, with Lebel, brings his extensive expertise in the high-end used bicycle market in the United States, particularly in Southern California to a wider audience. This transforms how customers buy, sell, and upgrade their sports gear and equipment.

Who is Almir Zaripov?

Almir Zaripov is a founder of LebelBicycles.com, formerly known as Rebel Bicycle, an online retailer that specializes in buying, selling, and taking trade-ins of used bicycles of high-end brands. Through hands-on expertise, he has mastered the ins and outs of consumer needs in the used premium bike market. Bike market expertise coupled with technical knowledge and mechanics of bicycles allowed Almir to become an expert in bicycle evaluation.

His journey as a mountain biker started in 2014 when he got his first hardtail bike to ride on dirt roads and light cross-country. Shortly after that, he started participating in mountain biking events and races. In 2022 he had a fairly successful race series Over The Hump presented by Mazda, where he finished 2nd overall in the intermediate man 30-39 category. In 2023, in the same series, Almir won in the Sport Man 30-39 group. The same year he won the Kenda Cup by the team of Big Bear in the category 2 man 30-39. At the end of the 2023 racing season, Almir finished 2nd overall in the series presented by Rim Nordic in the Expert group. This was a significant breakthrough in his career which inspired him to start competing in the professional CAT1 ranking in 2024.

Almir, the dynamic founder of LebelBicycles.com, has built a brand in the upscale used bike market and succeeded in mountain biking, leading to his exciting leap into professional racing in 2024

Our Team

Dmitry Barkov

Co-Founder & Vice President

Dmitry is a Co-Founder and Vice President at Lebel. He is a key driver behind the company's strategic direction, combining his professional expertise with his enthusiasm for cycling. Dmitry is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company's operations and management. His skills in sales strategy, customer service management, and deep understanding of the cycling and triathlon communities are crucial in shaping the company's trajectory.

Dmitry has a strong background in sales and customer service, having led sales departments in the premium segment for over a decade. He became a part of the team in 2015 when he also discovered his passion for cycling and triathlon.

Dmitry's sports achievements include multiple participation in Ironman competitions, reflecting his dedication and perseverance. This same commitment is evident in his role at the company, where he aims to merge his professional experience with his sporting passion to elevate the used bicycle industry to new heights.

Ilias Zaripov


Ilias Zripov is the strategic financial mastermind behind LebelBicycles.com. As CFO, he skillfully guides the company's financial health, safeguarding compliance, and mitigating risk. Ilias analyzes data to provide critical insights for investment and strategic planning. With an eye toward growth, he identifies market opportunities, oversees potential mergers and acquisitions, and explores innovative business models.

Beyond traditional CFO duties, Ilias champions ethical practices and seeks to integrate sustainability into the company's financial strategies. As a collaborative leader, he partners seamlessly with other departments to ensure Lebel's financial roadmap paves the way for a prosperous and responsible future.