• Lebel Certification: Benefits and How It Works


    At Lebel Bicycles, we offer you the best certified pre-owned bicycles of the higest quality and reliability. Our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) bikes are carefully used and then undergo meticulous inspection, refurbishment, and servicing. Each CPO bikes goes through 8 phases and over 100 checkpoints to ensure its perfect condition.

  • What Benefits Does Lebel Certification Bring?

  • The main benefits of Lebel Certification are:

    • We prioritize reliability: The inspection process verifies that the CPO bikes are functional and safe.
    • We focus on value: we make sure you get the quality of a higher-end bike at a reduced price.
    • We give you a peace of mid: Our certification process provides reassurance about the condition of every bike component.

How Lebel Certification Works?

  • Bikes undergo a comprehensive inspection, covering 100+ points.
  • Technicians replace worn parts and tune up the bike for optimal performance.
  • Lebel performs final checks and testing to ensure quality before the bike is listed for sale.
  • How Lebel Makes the Buying Process More Convenient?

    Lebel makes shopping easier by:

    1. Providing delivery options: Lebel offers nationwide shipping and local delivery/pickup.
    2. Making it easy to make a decision: Bikes are ready to ride and the website allows for easy browsing and ordering.
    3. Providing test rides: The option to test-ride a bike for local buyers before purchase adds convenience.

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