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What We Don’t Buy?

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Your bike must have had an original Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of at least $2,000.


Your bike should be a 2014 year model or newer.


If you are selling an e-bike, original charger must be included.


We only buy complete bikes.

What Are The Minimum Requirements For A Bike?

Our minimum requirements for a bike are:

Original MSRP of at least $2,000: Your bike must have had an original Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of at least $2,000.

Not older than 2014: Your bike should be a 2014 year model or newer.

Bike types we accept

  • Road bikes (performance, endurance, gravel)
  • Mountain bikes (hardtail, full-suspension)
  • Hybrid bikes
  • E-bikes (road, mountain, hybrid)

E-bike specifics: If you are selling an e-bike, the following must be included: Original charger, Healthy battery condition.

All original components must be present

  • Only complete bikes: we only buy complete builds.
  • Legality and documentation: We are committed to ethical practices. Please provide the following to confirm the bikes ownership:
  • Original bill of sale or purchase receipt
  • Serial number
  • If possible, any maintenance records

Does The Condition Of The Bike Affect The Offer I Receive?

Yes, the condition of the bike directly affects the offer amount you will receive. Factors like age, condition, frame, supply, and others will determine the offer amount on the quote you receive.

Can You Negotiate With Lebel?

No, you cannot negotiate with Lebel. The prices we offer with a quote are the best we can offer and are not negotiable.

What Kind Of Bikes We Don't Accept?

We DO NOT accept bikes with structural damage or missing essential components, original MSRP under $2000, bikes older than the year 2014, bikes without any documentation. In case you submit an e-bike without an original charger, we may reject your submission.

How Do I Sell Or Trade In A Bike?

To start, submit an online form with your bike's details. You'll receive a quote within 4 hours and can choose payment options like cash, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, or wire transfer. Payment is made quickly after the deal is confirmed.

You can choose to trade in or sell your bike to us. Lebel's Trade In Program lets you exchange an old bike for credit towards a Certified Pre-Owned bike from their inventory.

What Is Lebel Trade In Program?

The Lebel Trade In Program is an exchange of your old bike for store credit towards the new purchase.

The Lebel Trade In program allows you to upgrade or switch your existing bike in case you want to try new types of surfaces, get a bike with better specs, or try something new.How Do I Submit My Bike For Evaluation?

To submit your bike for evaluation, fill out the form on this page by entering the information about your gear such as brand, bike type, year, upgrades, wear, damages, or anything else you’d like to share.

What Information About A Bike Is Required?

We ask about your bike's brand and model, type, and general description of the bike’s condition.

What's After Lebel Confirms The Deal?

After Lebel confirms the deal, you will receive a quote in 4 hours via text and e-mail.

How Do I Receive A Payment?

You can receive payment any desired way including: Cash, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, or wire transfer.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Payment?

You will receive a payment in a matter of seconds after the deal is confirmed and you choose the desired payment method.

How Does The Shipping Work?

After your trade-in is confirmed, you have two options:

  • Drop-off: Bring or send your bike to Lebel.
  • Pickup: Lebel offers pickup for an additional fee. This service is free within 15 miles of Lake Forrest, CA, and costs a flat fee of $50-$100 if you're further out. Contact Lebel to schedule a pickup at your convenience.

How Do I Ship My Bike After The Confirmation?

After the confirmation, you can ship your bike (we will provide the guide to do it) or drop off your bike at our location. We can also travel to pick up your bike locally for an additional fee if you are in Southern California.

Do You Provide Pickup?

Yes, we provide pickup (contact us for more information):

  • Free within a 15-mile (around 24-kilometer) radius: We're ready to adjust to your schedule and come to your location at a convenient time if you're within a 15-mile radius of Lake Forrest, CA. This service is completely free.
  • $50-$100 beyond a 15-mile (around 24-kilometer) radius: For your convenience, we offer a $50 fixed fee for a pickup service from your door if you're beyond the 15-mile radius from Lake Forrest, CA.

To schedule a pickup, please contact us directly with your preferred date and time.

What Else Can I Find On This Website?

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