The Best Places To Buy Used Bikes Online In 2024

best places to buy used bikes online rated by lebel bicycles

The best places to buy used bikes are online used bike retailers, marketplaces, or bike-specific retailers that provide safe transactions, best meet the rider’s riding style, offer fair prices, and match the rider’s shipping preferences. Because these retailers and marketplaces have different reputations, bike availability, and price ranges, there is no single best place to buy used bikes. But there are winners for specific situations.

Some places that sell used bikes have more reviews and reputations than others. Other places have lower prices but less predictable quality of the item you will get. And finally, some places have a variety of shipping methods, while you may prefer local pickup.

For example, Bicycle Blue Book has a huge reputation but requires thorough research of each listing. Another example is Facebook Marketplace which has some low-priced items of higher-end bikes but sellers usually don’t provide shipping. Also, places like LebeBicycles have a great reputation but most of their listings include refurbished certified high-end used bikes, which means a higher price tag.

While deciding to buy a used bike online, we recommend you checking listings for detailed photos and descriptions. Look for signs of wear, damage, or rust. Ask for specific close-ups of critical areas like the frame, drivetrain, and wheels. Ask some questions before buying a used bike. A trustworthy seller will be transparent and responsive.

1. Lebel Bicycles

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Description: is an online retailer that offers Certified Pre-Owned bikes of premium bike brands. Lebel’s bikes undergo multi-point inspection, service, and quality assurance before the bikes are listed for sale. Lebel aims to become an industry leader in the used bicycles market by providing a seamless experience of buying, selling, and upgrading bicycles for our customers.

Reputation and Reliability: Lebel offers a customer-centric experience with fair pricing, a great bike selection, and outstanding service. Their reputation is strong, and many new customers come through referrals from satisfied Rebel customers (a former name of Lebel Bicycles).

Price Ranges: From $1000 to $10000 depending on brand, model, year, and condition of a bike.

Shipping: Lebel offers bicycle delivery across the USA. Standard delivery is fixed at $99 and takes 3-5 business days, while next-day delivery is available at an additional cost. Local delivery within specific zones ranges from $0 to $100 depending on location.

Bike Selection: Certified Pre-Owned Bikes of premium, higher-end brands that undergo a sophisticated inspection process performed by trained bike technicians. Available inventory consists of the best American, Canadian, and European bicycles with lightweight carbon and aluminum frames and high-quality reliable components. Most popular brands include Giant, Cannondale, Trek, Specialized, Orbea, Pinarello and more.

Pros: Thoroughly inspected bikes in like-new condition with detailed descriptions and photos of critical components of a bike with options of both nationwide and local delivery (if you live in Southern California).

Cons: A slightly higher price point that comes from the guaranteed quality of certified pre-owned bikes.

Recommendation for Lebel: Lebel, as an online used bike retailer, is best if you want a premium bike in a like-new condition shipped and delivered quickly. If you live on the South Coast of California, you can expect to get your bike delivered or picked up locally. 

2. Bike Exchange

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Description: Bike Exchange is a large online marketplace specializing in both new and used bicycles and cycling gear. It connects sellers (individuals and bike shops) with potential buyers. Bike Exchange operates in multiple countries, including Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, and several European nations.

Reputation and Reliability: Bike Exchange has generally positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot. Guarantees and return policies depend on the individual seller, so always check the listing carefully before buying.

Price Ranges: Prices vary drastically on Bike Exchange. You can find bikes from under $100 to high-end bikes costing thousands of dollars. For example, you can find: Used kids' bikes for around $50, used hybrid bicycles for $350, and Used carbon fiber road bikes for $2500.

Shipping: Shipping costs and options are set by the seller and will vary depending on bike size and location. Bike shipped across the country, costs around $50-$150 depending on size. International shipping is also available for select sellers but expect higher costs and potential delays.

Bike Selection: Bike Exchange features a massive selection: road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, kids' bikes, etc. They host listings for popular brands (Trek, Specialized, Giant, etc.) alongside smaller, niche manufacturers, giving you a broad range of options. Bike Exchange offers advanced filtering options to narrow your search, including bike type, frame size, component brands, price range, and location.

Pros: Huge selection of used bikes at potentially competitive prices, offering the chance to find great deals.

Cons: Quality and condition can be inconsistent across sellers, requiring careful research before purchasing.

Recommendation for Bike Exchange: Bike Exchange is best if you are comfortable with online buying, know what type of bike you need, and willing to do your homework on individual sellers and bikes.

3. Bicycle Blue Book

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Description: Bicycle Blue Book (BBB) is an online platform offering two core services: a bicycle valuation tool to help determine fair prices for used bikes and a marketplace where you can directly buy used bicycles.

Reputation and Reliability: BBB is considered the industry standard for used bike valuations. They often have guarantees and return policies, but these vary between sellers on the marketplace. Always read the fine print.

Price Ranges: Prices depend entirely on the specific bikes listed, but you can find everything from affordable commuters to high-end performance bikes. A basic commuter bike might be listed for $150, while a high-performance road bike could easily be $2000+.

Shipping: Shipping costs and options are set by individual sellers on the marketplace.

Bike Selection: BBB has a vast selection of road, mountain, hybrid, and other types of bikes. It's a great place to find both everyday rides and desirable models. BBB's valuation system relies on massive amounts of historical sales data. This means their market value estimates and the variety of bikes you'll find reflect real-world trends.

Pros: BBB provides a reliable price guide, a large selection of bikes, and a convenient platform for comparing options.

Cons: Prices and shipping can vary significantly between sellers, requiring careful research on each individual listing.

Recommendation for BBB: Bicycle Blue Book is best if you like researching specific bikes, understanding fair market values, and buying directly from individual sellers.

4. PinkBike

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Description: PinkBike is a huge online marketplace for buying and selling new and used bikes and cycling gear.

Reputation and Reliability: PinkBike has a generally positive reputation, but individual experiences vary. Check seller ratings and reviews carefully. Guarantees and return policies depend on individual sellers.

Price Ranges: Wide range, from budget-friendly bikes to high-end models costing thousands of dollars. For example, a used 2022 Giant Stance on PinkBike can range from $1000-$2000 depending on condition and upgrades.

Shipping: Shipping costs and responsibility are determined by the seller. Some sellers offer free shipping, others may say "Buyer pays shipping", with costs calculated at checkout.

Bike Selection: PinkBike focuses heavily on mountain bikes but offers other types as well. It's great if you're looking for a used mountain bike. Pinkbike often has bikes needing repairs or restoration listed at lower prices. This is perfect for mechanically-minded riders who enjoy a challenge.

Pros: Huge selection of bikes, great deals, and a community of passionate cyclists.

Cons: Requires careful research to avoid scams or bikes in poor condition.

Recommendation for PinkBike: PinkBike is best if you are an experienced cyclist seeking specific mountain bikes or components, you are comfortable navigating a buyer-beware marketplace. For example, a cyclist with mechanical knowledge looking to build their own custom bike will find more parts and frame options on PinkBike than a casual rider.

5. BikesDirect

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Description: BikesDirect is an online retailer specializing in factory-direct bicycles, offering new bikes at significantly lower prices than traditional bike shops. They do not primarily focus on used bikes.

Reputation and Reliability: BikesDirect has a mixed reputation. Some customers report excellent experiences, while others cite issues with quality control and customer service. They offer warranties, but return policies can be restrictive.

Price Ranges: BikesDirect focuses on budget-friendly options. New bikes can range from around $300 to upwards of $2000 depending on the model.

Shipping: BikesDirect charges for shipping, and bikes typically arrive partially assembled, requiring some mechanical knowledge.

Bike Selection: BikesDirect offers a wide range of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, and more. While they specialize in new bikes, they occasionally offer refurbished or demo models.

Pros: BikesDirect offers very competitive prices on new bicycles.

Cons: BikesDirect has inconsistent customer service, and bikes require assembly upon arrival.

Recommendation for BikesDirect: BikesDirect is best if you are a budget-minded cyclist comfortable with bike assembly and potential troubleshooting. Keep in mind BikesDirect does not only sell used bikes and specializes primarily on new bikes.

6. The Pro's Closet

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Description: The Pro's Closet is an online retailer specializing in certified pre-owned bikes, bicycle components, and gear. They source used bikes from individuals and other shops.

Reputation and Reliability: Generally positive customer feedback with strong guarantees. Bikes are inspected, serviced, and come with a 30-day return policy.

Price Ranges: Varies widely based on bike type and condition. Expect to find prices slightly lower than a new bike, with high-end bikes still being expensive.

Shipping: Shipping costs vary, but they offer shipping within the US and internationally.

Bike Selection: Focus on road, mountain, gravel, and triathlon bikes. A good option if you're looking for a specific, higher-end bike.

Pros: Wide selection of quality used bikes, professional inspection and service, hassle-free return policy.

Cons: Prices can be high for some used models, not ideal for those looking for budget bikes.

Recommendation for The Pro's Closet: The Pro's Closet is best if you are a cyclist seeking a well-maintained, previously owned high-end bike and willing to pay a premium.

7. Budget Bicycle Center

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Description: Budget Bicycle Center ( & is an online and local retailer in Madison, Wisconsin specializing in used and vintage bikes and bicycle parts.

Reputation and Reliability: Budget Bicycle Center's primary location is in Madison, Wisconsin, with a huge physical store. Visiting the store allows you to examine bikes in person before purchasing them. Customer feedback (online and in-person) is generally positive, but some reviews note inconsistencies in product quality. Guarantees and return policies are not visible on the website, which means they may be limited.

Price Ranges: Prices vary widely depending on the bike's condition, brand, and model. Expect to find bikes ranging from very affordable (under $100) to higher-priced collector items (up to $10,000 and even higher).

Shipping: Not readily available on the website and will likely depend on the size of the bike and your location.

Bike Selection: The vast inventory can be a gold mine for vintage bike fans, collectors, and those seeking rare and unusual bicycles. They also have a stock of a wide range of used parts and components, making them a resource for those needing specific replacements or upgrades.

Pros: Potential to find excellent deals on used bikes, especially if you're looking for something distinctive.

Cons: Bike quality can be inconsistent, and the lack of clear return policies may present a risk. Some after-purchase DIY repair or tune-up skills may be necessary.

Recommendation for Budget Bicycle Center: Budget Bicycle Center is best for specific vintage or used bike models and if you are willing to take a chance on a bike’s condition.

8. Cyclelimited

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Description: Cyclelimited is an online retailer specializing in high-end, certified pre-owned bicycles. They buy, sell, and take trade-ins across the United States.

Reputation and Reliability: Cyclelimited has largely positive customer feedback. Their bikes are rigorously inspected, and they offer guarantees and return policies for peace of mind.

Price Ranges: Expect to find bikes in the mid to upper price ranges for used bicycles, typically starting at several hundred dollars and going into the thousands depending on the brand and model.

Shipping: Cyclelimited charges a flat rate of $99 for shipping throughout the continental United States. Costs will vary based on location and bike size. All other areas are calculated upon checkout.

Bike Selection: They focus primarily on high-end road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes from sought-after brands.

Pros: Cyclelimited offers a wide selection of top-quality used bikes that have been professionally inspected and come with guarantees.

Cons: Prices can be higher than buying from an individual seller, reflecting their quality control and certification process.

Recommendation for Cyclelimited: Cyclelimited is good if you want a reliable place to buy a high-quality used bike and you prioritize peace of mind, but ready for significantly higher prices.


online functionality representation of invaluable

Description: is an online auction platform connecting buyers with auction houses worldwide. While it includes a substantial collection of used bikes, it specializes in fine art, antiques, and collectibles.

Reputation and Reliability: Reputation is mixed – check reviews of both itself and the specific auction house selling bikes. Guarantees and return policies depend entirely on the individual auction house. Always review the seller's terms and conditions found on the item details page and also in the terms and conditions during registration.

Price Ranges: Prices vary wildly. You could find basic used bikes for a few hundred dollars or rare, collectible bikes for thousands (or more).

Shipping: Shipping costs and arrangements are set by the auction house, not

Bike Selection: focuses not on typical used bikes, but rather on vintage, collectible, or high-end models. thrives on unique finds. You're more likely to discover a restored 1950s Schwinn or a limited-edition racing bike than a standard used commuter bike. Bikes range from "as-is" (potential project bikes) to fully vetted and restored. Pay close attention to descriptions and photos.

Pros: Potential to find rare, unique, or high-value bikes that you won't see on typical used bike marketplaces.

Cons: Requires research into auction houses, less buyer protection than dedicated marketplaces, and prices/shipping can be unpredictable.

Recommendation for, as an online auction platform, is best if you are an experienced collector or have a specific, hard-to-find bike in mind, and comfortable with the auction process and potential extra costs.

10. Steel Vintage

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Description: Steel Vintage Bikes is an online retailer specializing in the restoration and sale of classic, high-quality steel-framed bicycles from renowned brands. Steel Vintage Bikes emphasizes bicycles built with high-end steel tubing (like Columbus SL, SLX, etc.) known for being both lightweight and durable.

Reputation and Reliability: Steel Vintage Bikes has a positive reputation among vintage cycling enthusiasts for its curated selection of high-quality bikes and meticulous restorations.

Price Ranges: Prices vary depending on brand, model, and condition, but expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand for a fully restored bike.

Shipping: Steel Vintage Bikes likely offers shipping options. Check their website for costs and policies, as shipping a bicycle can be expensive.

Bike Selection: Steel Vintage Bikes focuses primarily on road bikes from the 1970s to the 1990s, often featuring iconic brands and models. They're a good source of bikes suitable for events like L'Eroica, which celebrate vintage cycling. They prioritize iconic brands like Colnago, De Rosa, Pinarello, Bianchi, and others known for their craftsmanship and racing heritage. Many bikes offered have historical value, with models used by famous professional cyclists or tied to specific eras in cycling.

Pros: Access to meticulously restored, classic steel bicycles with a focus on high-quality craftsmanship.

Cons: Prices can be higher than other used bike sources due to professional restoration.

Recommendation for Steel Vintage Bikes: Steel Vintage Bikes is best if you are looking for a beautifully restored piece of cycling history, also if you are interested in participating in vintage cycling events.

11. Facebook Marketplace

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Description: Facebook Marketplace is a section of Facebook where users can buy and sell used bikes locally. It offers a hyperlocal selection, often following the cycling trends in your area.

Reputation and Reliability: Guarantees/returns are uncommon, so inspect the bike thoroughly before buying.

Price Ranges: On Facebook Marketplace you can find extremely cheap to moderately priced bikes depending on condition and brand. Prices may vary from nearly $0 up to several thousands of dollars.

Shipping: Usually local pickup only. Some sellers may be willing to ship for an added cost.1

Bike Selection: Wide variety, but quality can be unpredictable. Good for finding basic commuter bikes or kids' bikes. You might snag high-end bikes for a steal if you're lucky.

Pros: Potential to find excellent deals on used bikes if you're patient and know what to look for.

Cons: Risk of bikes being in poor condition, stolen, or dealing with unreliable sellers.

Recommendation for Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a good hunting ground for a bargain if you're comfortable inspecting bikes, are patient, and are willing to potentially compete with other interested buyers.

12. OfferUp

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Description: OfferUp is a popular online marketplace similar to Craigslist, where individuals list items for sale within their local area. There’s a variety of local used bike listings on OfferUp.

Reputation and Reliability: Reputation varies. Check seller ratings and reviews before buying.  OfferUp offers limited guarantees, so inspect the bike thoroughly before purchase.

Price Ranges: Prices depend on the bike's condition, brand, and location. Expect to find a wide range, from very affordable to higher-end bikes.

Shipping: Usually local pickup only, though some sellers may offer shipping at an additional cost.

Bike Selection: Huge variety, from kids' bikes to high-performance road bikes. Great for finding specific models or styles.

Pros: Potential for excellent deals and a wide selection of bikes in your area.

Cons: Quality can be inconsistent, and there's a risk of scams or buying a damaged bike.

Recommendation: OfferUp is best if you are a bargain hunter and comfortable inspecting bikes before purchase, especially if you are looking for a particular type of bike.

13. eBay

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Description: eBay is a massive online auction and marketplace platform where individuals and businesses sell used bicycles alongside a wide range of other items.

Reputation and Reliability: eBay's reputation depends on individual sellers. Compared to Craigslist, the availability to check feedback and reviews on eBay before buying makes it a more reliable place to buy used bikes. However, be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. If possible, stick with sellers with a good reputation and positive feedback. Investigate any sellers that seem suspicious.

Price Ranges: Prices vary on eBay. You can find budget-friendly bikes under $100 to high-end bikes costing thousands of dollars.

Shipping: Sellers determine the shipping costs which can vary significantly based on the bike's size, weight, and shipping distance.

Bike Selection: eBay offers a huge selection of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, vintage bikes, and more. It's a great place to find rare or hard-to-find models. eBay is also a good source of used bike parts and accessories, which can be helpful when restoring or upgrading a used bike.

Pros: Wide selection of bikes at potentially competitive prices and an option to check the sellers’ reviews.

Cons: Requires careful research to assess bike condition and seller reliability.

Recommendation for eBay: eBay is best if you are looking for specific used bikes, rare models, or if you are looking for an auction-style purchase.

14. BuyCycle

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Description: BuyCycle is an online marketplace specifically designed for buying and selling used road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes.

Reputation and Reliability: BuyCycle gets positive customer feedback. Customers point out quality control and secure transactions. They offer buyer protection guarantees and have return policies in place.

Price Ranges: Prices vary depending on the bike model, condition, and year. Expect a range from a few hundred dollars (around $300) for entry-level bikes to several thousand for high-end models.

Shipping: BuyCycle handles shipping arrangements, costs depend on location.

Bike Selection: BuyCycle specializes in higher-end road, gravel, and mountain bikes. It's a great platform if you're looking for a specific brand or model in good condition.

Pros: Easy-to-use platform, focus on quality bikes, buyer protection, and secure transactions.

Cons: Prices can be higher than some other second-hand bike marketplaces.

Recommendation for BuyCycle: BuyCycle is best if you are looking for well-maintained, previously-owned performance bike and if you are willing to pay slightly more in return for peace of mind and buyer protection.

What Should You Consider While Choosing The Best Places To Buy Used Bikes?

The most important factors you should consider are trustworthiness, availability of the type of used bike you are looking for, price ranges, and shipping options.

Look for platforms or stores with a proven track record of satisfied customers. Read online reviews and testimonials. For online marketplaces, be cautious. Verify seller ratings and carefully inspect the bike in person before buying.

Choose a source with a wide variety of used bikes or one that specializes in certain bike types (MTB, Road, Hybrid, Fatbikes, and others) to match your individual needs.

For example:

  • Bike shops usually have a smaller selection of used bikes but often offer expert advice.
  • Online marketplaces provide the widest range but require you to filter through lots of options.
  • Specialty used bike websites provide specific categories (road, mountain, vintage, etc.).

Used bike prices can vary wildly. Consider these factors:

  • Budget: Set a realistic limit before browsing.
  • Retailer vs. individual seller: Shops usually have higher prices but sometimes offer warranties.
  • Bike condition: Expect to pay more for bikes in excellent or like-new condition.

Local shipping is ideal for inspecting the bike in person before buying it. Shipping expands your choices but adds costs.

What else you should consider:

  • Know what you want: Determine the type of bike (road, mountain, hybrid), frame size, and desired components.
  • Inspect thoroughly: Check for frame damage, wear on components, and smooth operation.
  • Be prepared to negotiate (especially when buying from individuals).
  • Take into account maintenance costs - used bikes usually need new tires, chains, or other tune-up work.

What Is The Most Trusted Place To Buy Used Bikes?

The most trusted place to buy used bikes is the one that has a proven track record of satisfied customers. Make sure that a platform is honest with customers, employees, and clients. It’s always a good idea to check if pages include detailed descriptions and information about shipping costs.

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